University of Central Florida

Honors Registration

How to Register

New Honors students (incoming freshmen and transfer students) register for Honors courses during a UCF orientation held the summer before their first semester.

Current Honors students have registration appointment times assigned starting the first day of registration and may register for up to 3 semesters at a time. You may register for both Honors and non-Honors courses at any time on or after your appointment time. It's in your best interest to register as soon as possible once your appointment time allows you access to myUCF, since Honors courses fill quickly.


Any questions about possible overrides can be directed to BHC 109.

Registration Tips:

1) Before You Register

1a) Verify Your Appointment Time

Check myUCF for your appointment time. If it doesn’t fall during the first few days of registration, contact the Office of Honors Advising immediately (407-823-5871).

1b) Meet any Mandatory Advising Appointments Advising Appointments and/or clear any Holds on your record. Check myUCF to see if this applies to you.

1c) Know Your Honors Requirements

All University Honors students take Freshmen Symposium and 12 hours of Honors GEP courses, but upper-division requirements differ by major. To find out yours, visit the Honors requirements section of our website.

2) For the first fall semester, register for No More Than Two Honors courses plus Honors Symposium

For a student's first fall semester, register for No More Than Two Honors courses plus Honors Symposium, unless you have received prior approval  from your Honors Advisor.

3) Freshmen Should Register for Two Honors courses (plus Honors symposium)

This is not a rule; however, we strongly recommend freshmen to take two Honors courses in the fall and spring semesters to fulfill their Honors lower-division (GEP) requirement of 12 hours while they still have GEP courses left to take. This especially holds true for freshmen coming in with many of their GEP credits fulfilled through AP, IB, or dual enrollment.

4) Registering for Seminars

Some interdisciplinary Seminars are listed under two separate course numbers and prefixes corresponding to the two disciplines associated with the course. Example: The Seminar Avant-garde in Theory and Practice listed as both LIT 3930H and MUS 3930H in the Class Schedule; each one has its own class number. Either one of these class numbers will enroll you in the course, but choose only one. Select the course subject most appropriate to your major/minor.

Be careful when selecting a course number for seminars, since we frequently offer seminars from the same subject area, meaning those seminars will have the same subject prefix and catalog number. For example, two different literature seminars may both be listed as Special Topic LIT 3930H.