University of Central Florida

Spring 2014 Seminars

Honors Baseball and American Culture
AMH 3930H, Class Number: 11004, Crepeau
W 6:00-8:50 PM, BHC 0126
The history of baseball and its interaction with a variety of areas of American culture from the 19th through the early 21st century.

Honors Catastrophe Theory
MAP 3930H/PHY 3930H, Class Number: 15166 or 19487, Choudhury / Efthimiou
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, MAP 407
Prerequisite: Calculus 2. Is it possible to cure Anorexia Nervosa using abstract mathematics? What about frightening off an aggressive dog that is about to attack? Or helping a supermarket sell more products by adjusting the number of available items on the shelf? As surprising as it may sound, a branch of mathematics known by the exotic name Catastrophe Theory answers these questions, as well as many others.

Honors Creative Writing
CRW 3010H, Class Number: 11358, Milanes
TR 10:30-11:45 AM, BHC 0131
Theory and techniques of literary genres with honors level content; practice and critique of original writing by peers and critical reading of established authors.

Honors Diplomacy
INR 4030H, Class Number: 15367, Elam-Thomas
TR 4:30—5:45 PM, BHC 0129
Prerequisite: POS 2041. Concepts, theories, and methods of contemporary diplomacy; diplomatic processes in the international arena.

Honors Engineering Research Seminar
EGN 4931H, Class Number: 16650, Gonzalez
MW 3:00—4:15 PM, ENGR 0383
Introduces a select group of students in Engineering or other fields of science to the methodology commonly employed in research. Students will carry out independent research which will prepare them for graduate study.

Honors Ethics, Society, & Technology: Preparing For Our Cyborg Future
PHI 3930H, Class Number: 18566 / 18567, Cash / Fiore
TR 3:00—4:15 PM, BHC 0127
Humanity’s symbiotic relationship with technology, society, and environment and how our cyborg future will be directed.

Honors Film Adaptations: From Page To Screen
FIL 4103H, Class Number: 19207, Boyar
M 6:00—9:50 PM, COMM 0145
Exploration of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic context in which literary works and their film counterparts inform each other.

Honors Global Perspectives on Terrorism
INR 3930H, Class Number: 14554
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, ENG1 224
Emergence and development of modern terrorism and how changes in terrorism are in part a manifestation of the transformation of international order.

Honors How Music Affects The Brain
MCB 3930H / MUS 3930H, Class Number: 13175 / 11048, Sugaya / Yonetani
TR 9:00—10:15 AM, BHC 0126
Exploration of the effects of music on the brain functions including mood, emotion, pain, cognition, and memory using interdisciplinary approaches.

Honors India: Heritage Of The Arts
IDH 3930H, Class Number: 11824, Muley
T 3:00—5:50 PM, BHC 0131
Early art, architecture, and performing arts of India, including the history and origin of Indian classical music.

Honors Law In Film
FIL 3930H / POS 3930H, Class Number: 11811 / 15384, Boyar / Dupuis
M 3:00—5:50 PM, COMM 0148
Films that highlight different aspects of the law as an institution or as a profession are examined.

Honors Literature & Popular Culture
LIT 3482H, Class Number: 19282, Murphy
TR 12:00—1:15 PM, BHC 0126
Analysis of media to determine popular values in the formation of popular cultural perceptions.

Honors Manga, Anime, & Gender: Cross Cultural Texts & Communication
COM 3930H / LIT 3930H, Class Number: 18480 / 18479, Akita / Jones
TR 3:00—4:15 PM, BHC 0126
This seminar will examine contemporary Japanese magna (graphic novels) and amine (animated TV and film), combining intercultural literacy and communication and critical literary and textual analysis. The course will take as its primary focus the message construction of gendered norms (and the critique of those norms) in various genres of contemporary magna and anime, considering not just what these constructions mean within their Japanese context but also what happens when they are translated for American audiences. All tests will be in English translation or subtitled.

Honors Mathematical Modeling & Scientific Computing
COP 3930H / MAP 3930H, Class Number: 17920 / 15167, Guha / Vajravelu
TR 12:00—1:15 PM
Combines mathematics and computing techniques to solve a diverse array of real-life problems.

Honors Medical Sociology
SYO 4400H, Class Number: 19429, Rivera
TR 3:00-4:20 PM, COMM 147
Analysis of patient behavior, health practitioners, the social organization of health services, and delivery of health care.

Honors Politics of the Middle East
CPO 3403H, Class Number: 14186, Bersia
TR 3:00—4:15 PM, BHC 0128
An examination of the dynamics of Middle East politics, including both regional and international dimensions.

Honors Public Relations
PUR 4000H, Class Number: 18752, Coombs
TR 12:00—1:15 PM, COMM 0102
Principles and practice of public relations, including techniques, research tools publicity, and management.

Honors Religion & Medicine
REL 4180H, Class Number: 11123, Gleig
TR 4:30—5:45 PM, BHC 0126
A comparative study of the approaches toward medicine and healing in different religious traditions, both in the U.S. and the wider world.

Honors The Story Of English: History, Technology, & The Development Of The English Language
EUH 3930H / LIN 3930H, Class Number: 18561 / 19029, Larson / Young
TR 1:30—2:45 PM, BHC 0126
How did English get this way? Why is English different in other countries? Why is English spelling so crazy? Will texting destroy the English language? These questions and others are answered in this course, which traces the development of English from an obscure dialect spoken by a few thousand people to a world language used by hundreds of millions. This seminar examines both the internal development of our language and the historical events that have influenced its evolution, focusing on two important themes: the role of technology and the use of language as identity.

Honors Theatre For Social Change
THE 4543H, Class Number: 11748, St. Claire
TR 10:30—11:45 AM, TR41 0101
Theatre activist's impact on theatrical art forms.

Honors Video Gaming Literacy & Culture
DIG 3930H / ENC 3930H, Class Numbers: 11352 / 11368, McDaniel / Telep
MW 11:30 AM—12:20 PM, BHC 0126
Explores impact of video games on culture and society through the lens of game literacies, or methods of communicating using gaming conventions.

Honors Writing About Health & Medicine
ENC 3456H Class Number: 11804, Scott
MWF 9:30—10:20 AM, BHC 0127
This course is designed to help students in the pre-health professions and those targeting writing jobs in the health industry learn more about the forums (print and online), genres, conventions, and other elements of writing about health and medicine for various non-expert audiences, including health consumers, policymakers, and communities.

Honors Writing For Publication
ENC 3351H, Class Number: 11798, Bell
MW 1:30—2:45 PM, BHC 0126
Examines freelance markets, article genre, and the rhetorical skills needed to design and produce articles for specific audiences and publications.