University of Central Florida

Honors Courses - Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Interdisciplinary Seminars (All classes are 3 credit hours)

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Honors Baseball and American Culture
AMH 3930H, Class Number: 19099
W 6:00-8:50 PM, VAB 217
The history of baseball and its interaction with a variety of areas of American culture from the 19th through the early 21st century.

Honors Bioethical and Legal Issues in Health Care
NUR 3826H, Class Number: 10220
T 9:00-11:50 AM, UT 650A
Includes questions concerning human values, legal and ethical questions arising in health care delivery policy issues and professional practice among licensed health care professionals.

Honors Catastrophe Theory
MAP 3930H/PHY 3930H, Class Number: 13479 or 13827
MW 12:00-1:20 PM, MSB 204
Prerequisite: Calculus 2. Is it possible to cure Anorexia Nervosa using abstract mathematics? What about frightening off an aggressive dog that is about to attack? Or helping a supermarket sell more products by adjusting the number of available items on the shelf? As surprising as it may sound, a branch of mathematics known by the exotic name Catastrophe Theory answers these questions, as well as many others.

Honors Creative Writing
CRW 3010H, Class Number: 11282
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BHC 126
Theory and techniques of literary genres with honors level content; practice and critique of original writing by peers and critical reading of established authors.

Honors Cultural Traditions of India
IDH 3101H, Class Number: 19484
R 3:00—5:50 PM, BHC 0131
The integration of Indian culture, philosophy, and art.

Honors Diplomacy
INR 4030H, Class Number: 13612
TR 4:30—5:45 PM, PSY 204
Prerequisite: POS 2041. Concepts, theories, and methods of contemporary diplomacy; diplomatic processes in the international arena.

Honors Dreaming Asia: Asian Religions & Culture in the Western Imagination
REL 3930H, Class Number: 18457
TR 9:00-10:15 AM, BHC 129
From the nineteenth-century anxiety over the “Mystical East”, to the current popularity of meditation and yoga, Asian religions have been a consistent preoccupation of the Western cultural imagination. Taking an historic and theoretical approach, this interdisciplinary seminar will examine the multiple ways that Asia has been imagined and represented by the West. We will explore how Asian religions have been encountered, (mis-) understood and constructed in Western literature, psychological-scientific discourse, religious dialogue, and popular culture. We will also consider how Asians have responded to the Western assimilation, appropriation, and transformation of their religious and cultural worlds.

Honors Evolution of Hip Hop
AFA 3930H, Class Number: 19599
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BA1 209
Historical analysis of Hip Hop from its African roots to the present with emphasis on the socio-political implications of this phenomenon.

Honors Forensic Anatomy & Death Investigation
ANT 3930H, Class Number: 19319
T 3:00-5:50 PM, BA1 205
This course consist of a survey of Forensic Theory and Techniques as applied to the anatomical features of the human body. This course is designed as an introductory course and will be taught in a manner that will consider various levels of background knowledge regarding anatomy. The course will be a hands-on study of the types and nature of information that can be recovered from the human body after death. The first part of the course will focus on the scientific study of the human body, including soft tissues and skeletal components. The second part of the course will focus on death investigation and field methodology. Material will be taught through a series of lectures, labs, and discussions.

Honors How Music Affects The Brain
MCB 3930H / MUS 3930H, Class Number: 18279 or 11005
TR 9:00—10:15 AM, BHC 126
Exploration of the effects of music on the brain functions including mood, emotion, pain, cognition, and memory using interdisciplinary approaches.

Honors Law In Film
FIL 3930, Class Number: 11595
R 12:00-2:50 PM, NSC 0148
Films that highlight different aspects of the law as an institution or as a profession are examined.

Honors Medical Sociology
SYO 4400H, Class Number: 13817
TR 3:00-4:20 PM, BHC 128
Analysis of patient behavior, health practitioners, the social organization of health services, and delivery of health care.

Honors Motion Picture Genre - Zombies & Beyond: Monsters, Movies & Metaphors
FIL 4830H, Class Number: 19563
M 6:00-8:50 PM, NSC 148
In this class, we'll watch about a dozen monster movies, plus clips from  several others, featuring such classic creatures as zombies, vampires, and Frankenstein's monster.  We'll explore what these monsters mean on the surface, as well as how they function as metaphors in psychological and sociological contexts. We will also examine how these films convey their deeper meanings cinematically and what these films represent in film history. Among the movies we'll be watching are Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, World War Z, Dracula, Frankenstein, Jaws, The Birds, Alien, The Exorcist and X-Men: First Class.

Honors Oral History and Orlando's Hispanic Community
AMH 3930H / SPN 3930H, Class Number: 10962 or 18456
TR 12:00-1:15 PM, BHC 126
According to census data, 25% of Orlando’s population is Hispanic or Latino in origin, make the Hispanic community a vital party of Central Florida’s heritage and history. Oral interviews with individuals form this population are a valuable method of preserving Hispanic heritage and forming community memory. Students in this course will study the intersections of oral history and Hispanic culture pertinent to the Central Florida area. They will employ their knowledge by conducting interviews that will allow them to document and assess some of the experiences, challenges, and achievements of members of Orlando’s Hispanic and Latino population.

Honors Politics of the Middle East
CPO 3403H, Class Number: 19352
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BHC 128
An examination of the dynamics of Middle East politics, including both regional and international dimensions.

Honors Public Relations
PUR 4000H, Class Number: 13708
TR 12:00-1:15 PM, NSC 102
Principles and practice of public relations, including techniques, research tools publicity, and management.

Honors The Story Of English: History, Technology, & The Development Of The English Language
EUH 3930H / LIN 3930H, Class Number: 11609 or 18453
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, BHC 0126
How did English get this way? Why is English different in other countries? Why is English spelling so crazy? Will texting destroy the English language? These questions and others are answered in this course, which traces the development of English from an obscure dialect spoken by a few thousand people to a world language used by hundreds of millions. This seminar examines both the internal development of our language and the historical events that have influenced its evolution, focusing on two important themes: the role of technology and the use of language as identity.

Honors Theatre For Social Change
THE 4543H, Class Number: 11562
TR 10:30—11:45 AM, AHA 0101
Theatre activist's impact on theatrical art forms.

Honors Video Gaming Literacy & Culture
DIG 3930H / ENC 3930H, Class Numbers: 11278 or 11290
MW 11:30 AM—12:20 PM, BHC 0126
Explores impact of video games on culture and society through the lens of game literacies, or methods of communicating using gaming conventions.

Honors Writing For Publication
ENC 3351H, Class Number: 11588
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BHC 0129
This interdisciplinary seminar provides ample opportunity to investigate the world of 21st century publishing in the field that most interests you: science, memoir, medicine, finance, advocacy journalism, blogging, environment, humor, engineering, education. You choose your area of concentration. Your investigation will serve as the foundation for developing an understanding of how writers in that field build their reputation and for selecting a target publication for your own writing. Preparing your ideas for publication will include the strategic selection of genre, research tools, developing a rhetorical stance and style appropriate to the publication, and learning the craft of query letter writing to market your idea.