University of Central Florida

Honors Courses - Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Interdisciplinary Seminars

All seminars are 3 credit hours. Please check this list and the Class Schedule frequently, as additions and corrections to meeting times/days may occur. To search for class times and class numbers for registration purposes, use MyUCF class schedule search.


Honors Analysis & Application of Ethical, Legal, & Safety Issues in Schools

EDF 4603H, Class Number: 82546

R 10:30 AM–1:20 PM, TA 301

Critical analysis of contemporary educational issues, including ethical, safety, legal, cultural, and linguistic considerations which directly impact schooling in a democracy.


Honors Case Studies in Ethics

IDH 3600H, Class Number: 80943

TR 3:00–4:15 PM, BHC 0126

Case Studies in Ethics is an interdisciplinary, case study approach to practical, contemporary ethical issues in a variety of contexts. For example, ethical problems and dilemmas in education, engineering, law, medicine, personal relationships, and politics, among others, are included and serve as a basis for students to conduct significant research on the cases. Among the requirements for the course are position papers applying creative and critical thinking skills and ethical concepts to the cases and in-class debates/ethics bowl practice. Students will participate in the on-campus UCF Ethics Bowl competition, and selected students may participate in the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl on the UCF team. It is possible that participation in the regional ethics bowl will lead to an invitation to the national competition. If you are interested in this seminar, please contact Dr. Madi Dogariu at or Dr. Michael Strawser at


Honors Creative Processes: Theory and Practice
EDG 3930H/THE 3930H, Class Number 91861 or 91869
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, PAC T118
Creativity is explored through educational theory, historically, psychologically, spiritually, and artistically. Thinking and problem solving creatively applied to all professions. 


Honors Cultural Traditions of India

IDH 3101H, Class Number: 83081

R 3:00–5:50 PM, BHC 131

The integration of Indian culture, philosophy, and art.


Honors Documentary Film Production

AMH 3930H / FIL 3930H, Class Number: 81682 / 81761

T 3:00–5:50 PM, NSC 148

Students will collaborate with a history and film professor to enhance an historical documentary film with accompanying interactive exhibits that live online. No video or web production experience is required. We seek students interested in creating an informative and entertaining experience through the use of portable devices for “padcasts,” photo galleries, and supporting historical documents.


Honors Film Adaptations: From Page to Screen

FIL 4103H, Class Number: 81573

M 6:00–8:50 PM, NSC 148

Exploration of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic context in which literary works and their film counterparts inform each other.


Honors Geography in Latin America

GEA 4405H, Class Number: 91750

M 6:00–8:50 PM, CNH 204

Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean, including geophysical, cultural, economic, and social characteristics and processes.


Honors Global Perspectives on Terrorism

INR 3930H, Class Number: 89881

TR 3:00–4:15 PM, BA1 213

Emergence and development of modern terrorism and how changes in terrorism are in part a manifestation of the transformation of international order.


Honors Human Trafficking


INR 4933H, Class Number: 91972


TR 3:00–4:15 PM, BA1 214


This course will help students gain an interdisciplinary awareness of contemporary human trafficking, also known as slavery and forced servitude. It will offer definitions of human trafficking; explore the various types of forced servitude that are prevalent today; and examine the global and domestic dimensions of the problem, including in Central Florida. Students will have the opportunity to meet and engage survivors and abolitionists; learn the methods of traffickers; conduct their own research; evaluate the roles of organizations from all sectors that are involved with human trafficking; and contemplate short-term and long-term solutions.


Honors Intro to Game Theory

ECO 3930H, Class Number: 91712

TR 1:30–2:45 PM, BHC 131

This seminar studies the science of strategic decision-making in which one's own optimal action depends on the actions and beliefs of others. Applications abound in the fields of biology, economics, marketing, law, politics, international relations, and war. By the end of the course students will be able to "solve" a game using game theoretic tools as well as formalize a strategic situation into a well-defined game and know which analytical tools should be employed to analyze it and predict outcomes.


Honors Italian Renaissance: From Dante to Michelangelo

ITA 3930H, Class Number: 81762

M 3:00–5:50 PM, BHC 126

This course joins together the fields of music, drama, and literature. In a time when 'globalization' actively shapes our world, this course offers tools for analyzing diverse cultural expressions. The central focus is Italian opera, literature, and film of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as they inform our understanding of Italian culture. We will watch and listen to opera as well as read Italian novels and poems on the same subjects. Comparing opera to other artistic genres, including film, illuminates the modernity and universality of the messages it carries. We will also analyze how words, music, and image create cultural meaning. Group presentations and brief response papers will guide students to develop skills necessary for the final research paper.


Honors Mass Media & Politics (Pre-req: POS 2041)

POS 3235H, Class Number: 90665

TR 4:30–5:45 PM, BA1 207

Influence of media on campaigns, public officials, public opinion, the definition of political news, and selected public policies.


Honors Medical Sociology

SYO 4400H, Class Number: 90750

TR 1:30–2:45 PM, CB1 113

Analysis of patient behavior, health practitioners, the social organization of health services, and delivery of health care.


Honors Moot Court

PLA 3951H, Class Number: 86657

F 1:30–4:20 PM, HPA1 272


The course is designed to prepare UCF Honors and Legal Studies Students for the American Collegiate Moot Court Tournament. 

Students enrolled in the class will be given the opportunity to represent UCF and compete at UCF’s South Atlantic Regional Moot Court tournament in November. This class counts as an Honors interdisciplinary seminar for all majors and will also satisfy the Capstone requirement for a Legal Studies major. If you are interested in the law, or in perfecting your ability to engage in public speaking, or if you are looking for a little family here at UCF, please contact Dr. Cynthia Schmidt's assistant, Danielle Malcolm, to schedule an interview.  Interviews will conclude at the end of March.  You may reach her by emailing




Honors Motion Picture Genre: Comedy

FIL 4830H, Class Number: 81470

W 12:00–2:50 PM, NSC 148

This class examines "subversive" American comedies.


Honors Professional Writing

ENC 3250H, Class Number: 81707

TR 9:00–10:15 AM, BHC 127

Robert Southey once said, “It is with words as with sunbeams—the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.” Learn how to write clearly, concisely, and vigorously to meet your audiences’ needs. Honors Professional Writing is a hands-on course that will introduce you to a variety of common workplace writing situations, including writing instructional documents of LEGO models.


Honors Religion & Medicine

REL 4180H, Class Number: 81623

TR 12:00–1:15 PM, BHC 126

A comparative study of the approaches toward medicine and healing in different religious traditions, both in the U.S. and the wider world.


Honors Sport & Society in the Ancient World

EUH 4674H, Class Number: 80890

TR 10:30–11:45 AM, BHC 127

A comparison of the original form of the Olympic Games (and ancient notions of sport) to their modern counterparts.


Honors Why Are People Fooled?

ENG 3930H, Class Number 90446

TR 10:30–11:45 AM, BHC 129

Why are people fooled? The course intends to investigate this enduring question as it relates to three areas of inquiry: the human capacity for being fooled, the ability of con artists and propagandists to fool people, and the ways in which people might avoid being fooled.


Honors Writing in Digital Environments

ENC 4416H, Class Number: 81469

MWF 12:30–1:20 PM, BHC 127

Blog, tweet, and code your way toward a deeper understanding of the rhetorical context of digital environments. The internet has changed how audiences encounter our texts and how the process of writing is orchestrated. To write successfully in digital environments, you have to think differently about who your readers are, how they will navigate the texts you produce, and what forms of connection and engagement are possible through online spaces. This course will help you see how writing in digital environments is more like designing an experience than simply putting words on a page.


Honors Writing With Communities & Nonprofits

ENC 4354H, Class Number: 90445

TR 1:30–2:45, BHC 129 

Are you interested in making a difference in the Orlando community? Want to know more about how you can use the power of writing to accomplish social action in real-world organizations? This class will explore why writing matters for communities and non-profits. You'll look at why a writer would choose one social action or genre over another, and research how writing works to sustain grassroots community organizations and non-profits.