University of Central Florida

Honors Courses - Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Interdisciplinary Seminars (All classes are 3 credit hours)

Please check this list and the Class Schedule frequently, as additions and corrections to meeting times/days may occur.

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Honors Analysis & Application of Ethical, Legal, & Safety Issues In Schools
EDF 4603H, Class Number: 86085
R 10:30 AM—1:20 PM, TA 0301
Critical analysis of contemporary educational issues, including ethical, safety, legal, cultural, and linguistic considerations which directly impact schooling in a democracy.

Honors Argumentation & Debate
SPC 3513H, Class Number: 84376
TR 4:30—5:45 PM, NSC 211A
Advanced study and practice in the preparation and delivery of argumentative speeches, emphasizing argument, evidence, and organization.

Honors Case Studies In Ethics
IDH 3600H, Class Number: 81343
R 3:00—4:15 PM, BHC 0126
Case Studies in Ethics is an interdisciplinary, case study approach to practical, contemporary ethical issues in a variety of contexts. For example, ethical problems and dilemmas in education, engineering, law, medicine, personal relationships, and politics, among others, are included and serve as a basis for students to conduct significant research on the cases. Among the requirements for the course are position papers applying creative and critical thinking skills and ethical concepts to the cases and in-class debates/ethics bowl practice. Students will participate in the on-campus UCF Ethics Bowl competition, and selected students may participate in the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl on the UCF team. It is possible that participation in the regional ethics bowl will lead to an invitation to the national competition. If you are interested in learning more about this seminar, please contact any of the following individuals:
Dr. Madi Dogariu –
Dr. Nancy Stanlick –

Honors Cultural Traditions Of India
IDH 3101H, Class Number: 91320
T 3:00—5:50 PM, BHC 0131
The integration of Indian culture, philosophy, and art.

Honors The Farmer, the King, and the Natural World: An Agro-Environmental Study
AMH 3930H / ANT 3930H Class Number: 91018 or 91026
MWF 9:30-10:20 AM, BHC 126
This course approaches the relationship between humans and their environment by exploring the connection over time and space as economies, political ideologies, and cultures developed through the interaction between people and land. Although the course readings will focus heavily on the Americas, links between the western continents and Asia, Europe, and Africa will be emphasized as we study the establishment of rice and cotton crops through the knowledge and skills of African slaves and the spread of Native American crops throughout the world. We will explore the shifting conceptions of nature and the meaning of land and resources over time. Finally, we will look at politics and public policy and the consequences of the human efforts to impose order and protect the environment.

Honors Film Adaptations: From Page to Screen
FIL 4103H, Class Number: 82161 
M 6:00-8:50 PM, COMM 0145
Exploration of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic context in which literary works and their film counterparts inform each other.

Honors Global Perspectives on Terrorism
INR 3930H, Class Number: 90703
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BA1 221
Emergence and development of modern terrorism and how changes in terrorism are in part a manifestation of the transformation of international order.

Honors Hard Times: Politics, Society, & Culture
POS 3930H, Class Number: 84807
TR 1:30—2:45 PM, BA 0213
This seminar comparatively examines how societies respond to profound economic dislocation in their politics, social relationships, and culture. It focuses particularly on two historical periods: the current “Great Recession” and the Great Depression of the 1930s – as experienced in the United States and a few selected other countries.

Honors Mass Communication Law
MMC 3200H, Class Number: 84814
TR 1:30—2:45 PM, NSC 228
Legal rights and responsibilities of the mass media.

Honors Mathematical Modeling & Scientific Computing
COP 3930H / MAP 3930H, Class Number: 91231 or 91141
TR 12:00-1:15 PM, ENG1 224
Combines mathematics and computing techniques to solve a diverse array of real-life problems.

Honors Moot Court
PLA 3951H, Class Number: 87422
F 1:30-4:20 PM, HPA1 106
The course is designed to prepare UCF Honors and Legal Studies Students for the American Collegiate Moot Court Tournament.  Students enrolled in the class will be given the opportunity to represent UCF and compete at UCF’s South Atlantic Regional Moot Court tournament in November. This class counts as an Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar for all majors and will satisfy the Capstone requirement for a Legal Studies major. If you are interested in this class email Mr. Rupert Neish at expressing your interest.

Honors Motion Picture Genre: American Film Comedy
FIL 4830H, Class Number: 81934
W 6:00—8:50 PM, NSC 148
This class examines "subversive" American comedies.

Honors Performing Identity: Reading, Critiquing and Creating Art
LIT 3930H, Class Number: 90212
TR 10:30-11:45 AM, BHC 126
This course examines both performance art and literature that uses, promotes and/or problematizes identity at its core. We want students to deconstruct identity in order to better critique art in all of its manifestations. We will analyze how ethnic, racial, gender, class and other types of identity markers are portrayed by a wide variety of artists. Out interest is to actively explore and examine contemporary authors and performance artists who foreground identity in their work, whether ethnicity, race, class, sexual orientation or any other “marker” at the core of a given performance or text.

Honors Professional Writing
ENC 3250H, Class Number: 91309
MW 10:30-11:20, BHC128
Robert Southey once said, “it is with words as with sunbeams—the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.” Learn how to write clearly, concisely, and vigorously in ENC 3930H to meet your audiences’ needs. Honors Professional Writing in a hands-on course that will introduce you to a variety of common workplace writing situations, including writing instructional documents of LEGO models.

Honors Psycho Money: Examining the Psychology of Investing
FIN 3930H / PSY 3930H, Class Number: 87998 or 84940
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, BHC 131
Explores the ways in which psychological factors lead to individual investing behavior that is not rational in the traditional sense. Topics include cognitive dissonance, prospect theory, representativeness, overconfidence, regret avoidance, framing, risk and time perceptions, and fraud. Students will learn how research on these topics is conducted by carrying out an interview and as a subject in in-class experiments. Each student will design, carry out, lead a discussion of, write about an in-class experiment that uses classmates as participants and illustrates the impact of a psychological factor on the investment process.

Honors Religion & Medicine
REL 4180H, Class Number: 90211
TR 9:00-10:15 AM, BHC 0126
A comparative study of the approaches toward medicine and healing in different religious traditions, both in the U.S. and the wider world.

Honors Sports & Society In The Ancient World
EUH 4674H, Class Number: 81280
TR 10:30-11:45 AM, BHC 0127
A comparison of the original form of the Olympic Games (and ancient notions of sport) to their modern counterparts.

Honors Water: Disease, Sanitation, and Sustainability
ENV 3930H, Class Number: 91232
TR 3:00-4:15 PM, BHC 127
This course will give students a sweeping overview of water’s role throughout history and in the world today, and also the possible role it could play in the future with global climate change and a burgeoning population potentially causing severe water shortages or water-based conflicts in some regions. In addition the course is intended to create an awareness of the daunting problems facing the developing world, and why that is relevant to the USA and our foreign aid policies. The course intends to make both technical (e.g. engineers, scientists) and non-technical (e.g. English, arts) students literate with respect to water impacts throughout history and to create an awareness of how it impacts us today, and, using examples from previous societies, how it may impact us in the future.

Honors Women, Race & Struggle
WST 3460H, Class Number: 90271
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, BHC 129
Interdisciplinary study of issues, perspectives, and scholarship by and about women of color.

Honors Writing About Science and Technology

ENC 3455H, Class Number: 82147
TR 9:00-10:15 AM, BHC 0127
Students targeting the scientific, engineering, or other technical fields will hone their skills in writing about scientific research and technological developments to other specialists and to non-specialist audiences (including policymakers, consumers, publics, and media outlets). You will also learn about writing in citizen science. The course will include several practical, real-world assignments

Honors Writing In Digital Environments
ENC 4416H, Class Number: 81933
TR 1:30-2:45 PM, BHC 0127
Blog, tweet, and web code your way toward a deeper understanding of how digital environments function as rhetorical contexts. Learn strategies for critiquing, composing in, and improving digital writing genres and networks.